• SHAREHOLDERS: These are our set of members that are either professional farmers or aspiring farmers. They contribute to the crowdfunding of any of our investment projects/portfolios to earn dividend.
  • Professional Farmers: these are our set of members that actually runs a verified farm and equally works as a professional farmer.
  • Aspring farmers: these are sets of members that intend to learn and kick start their own farm enterprise but needed to learn the basics of farming.


  • Ambassadors: These are members that register their membership with the sum of Fifteen Thousand Naira only (N15, 000) non-refundable.


    • They have automatic shares in any current project of the Cooperative at the point of registration.
    • Can vote and be voted for in an election.
    • Earns referral bonus instantly upon introduction of a newly referred registered member.
    • Qualifies for crowd funding or farm sponsorship.
    • Can access loan from the cooperative. 
    • Can stand a guarantor for a loan applicant.


    •   INVESTORS: These are exclusively non members who only choose to invest capital in any of our investment portfolio(s) for a fixed return within an agreed period.


Kindly copy the pre-assessment link on your browser. 

Fill all information required and submit.

An acknowlegement message will be sent to your email either your membership request is approved or disapproved     


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