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Explore our savings platform and secure your dream and future investments and assets.


PERSONAL SAVINGS: This offers our savers a savings option at their own pace.


  • Minimum opening balance is #500
  • Any amount can be saved at anytime
  • Withdrawal can be initiated at any time
  • No interest on savings
  • Fourth withdrawal within a month carries 0.5%charges

 GROUP SAVINGS: This is a special savings category that offers savers to save as a group. Savings can be weekly or monthly.


  • It has a minimum group member of five and maximum group member of 10
  • Minimum savings is #1000
  • Maximum weekly savings per member is #35,000
  • Maximum monthly savings per member is #50,000
  • No interest on savings
  • Deduction of #500 on weekly savings is made on every disbursement
  • Deduction of #1000 on monthly savings is made on every disbursement.

FIXED/TARGET SAVINGS: Our fixed/target savings allows savers to lock-up their savings for a specified period.


  • Minimum of three months
  • Amount to be fixed can only be saved once
  • Attracts attractive interest
  • Carries no withdrawal charges
  • Withdrawal can only be initiated at the period expiration


  • Login to your dashboard riby.me
  • Select your savings categories
  • Payment options
  • Make payment via the platform by choosing either “subscription” or “pay”
  • Direct transfer or bank deposit

Account Name: AgroHubCoop

Account Number: 0069751029

Bank Name: Sterling Bank


NB: For direct payment, kindly send proof of payment to 07088628484 for confirmation.

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