Our backGroud Story

We started our journey in 2016. And looking back it has been an awesome ride with lots of ups and downs.

Nigeria is a land of promise but our neglect of the naturally deposited resources both in water and on land has limited our dear country to actualize her full potentials.

It is interesting to know that there are enormous untapped wealth in the agricultural sector of any economy but yet, it poised skepticisms to an average individual.

Having discovered the enthusiasm and hopes of lots of Nigerians towards the development of the agric sector, as a veritable alternative to Nigeria’s current monotonous economy and the challenges associated with the sector with respect to land, equipments, manpower, and finance amongst others.

Our major business is to reveal the prospect and potentials in agriculture by unlocking the secrets to generate wealth in the agricultural sector. We empower budding and aspiring agropreneurs by catalyzing their potentials and igniting them for wealth creation.

Team Instructors

Meet Our Core Experts


Odekanyin Kolarele

Snail Expert

Oyefeso Oluwafemi


Arogunjo Tayo

Brand Expert

Olorunfemi Omotayo

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